Current funded projects


ERA4TB: European Tuberculosis Regimen Accelerator

Funding body: Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI2) H2020 EU

Duration: 2020-2023 (36 months)

Role: Subcontractor of CNR in WP5

Budget of subcontract: 100 000 €

Total budget of ERA4TB: 208 000 000 €, EU contribution: 90 000 000 €

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ODDMS: Optimizing drug development by Modeling and Simulation approaches

Funding body: Hellenic Foundation for Research and Innovation (ELIDEK)

Duration: 2020-2023 (36 months)

Role: Principal Investigator

Budget: 180 000 €

Project webpage

Past research projects


EPTRI: European Paediatric Transnational Research Infrastructure

Funding body: INFRADEV H2020 EU

Duration: 2018-2020 (28 months)

Role: Participant

Budget: 140 000 €

Project webpage

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Individualized drug therapy in Greek hospitals based on pharmacokinetic mathematical modeling: focus on generics

Funding body: General Secretariat of Reasearch and Technology

Duration: 2013-2015 (22 months)

Role : Participant

Budget: 509 000 €